Super Black Very Dark Bronzing Lotion 125ml

 Super Black Very Dark Bronzing Lotion 125ml

Επιταχυντής  μαυρίσματος για πρόσωπο και σώμα 125ml.

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Η Super black Very Dark Bronzing Lotion περιέχει πολύτιμα συστατικά όπως το εκχύλισμα καρυδιών 
την καφείνη. Αυτά τα συστατικά σε συνδυασμό με τα DHA και την τυροσίνη δημιουργούν ένα ομοιόμορφο 
βαθύ σκούρο μαύρισμα. Περιέχει υψηλή ποσότητα σε αντιοξειδοτικά που εμποδίζουν τη δημιουργία των 
ελεύθερων ριζών. Το βούτυρο Shea που περιέχει ενυδατώνει βαθιά την επιδερμίδα σας. Το εκχύλισμα 
καρυδιου έχει την επίδραση επούλωσης και καθαρισμού της επιδερμίδας . Για πρόσωπο και σώμα .
Σωληνάριο 125ml.

Super Black Very Dark Bronzing Lotion 125ml

Brown in a new dimension!

With the Brown Super Black Very Dark Bronzing Lotion, the skin is wonderfully cared for by an adapted formula. The active ingredients shea butter and walnut extract added to the Brown Basis support the radical scavenging effect, make the skin appear more relaxed and give a pleasant skin feeling. The caffeine contained has a firming effect due to the draining effect on the connective tissue and gives the skin an extra kick of energy.

The special active ingredient melanin promotes the natural skin tanning and thus gives the skin an individual light tan. The care lotion spoils the senses with a sweet-fruity fragrance experience. The Brown Super Black Very Dark Bronzing Lotion contains a light self-tanner (dihydroxyacetone), which gives the skin a beautifully tanned complexion. Like the Tanning Lotion, the Super Black Very Dark Bronzing Lotion accelerates the natural tanning of the skin in the natural sun as well as in the solarium. In addition, the active ingredients contained guarantee a positive resistance of the lotion on the skin.

Apply evenly to the skin for daily use as a body care and/or as a care lotion for the solarium. The Super Black Very Dark Bronzing Lotion contains a light self-tanner and supports the skin's natural tanning process. With regular use, the bronzing lotion gives the skin a slightly tanned complexion. The lotion does not contain sun protection. Skin compatibility dermatologically tested.

Apply the lotion evenly to your clean skin before tanning with circular movements. For products with self-tanning, we recommend that you wash or wipe your hands afterwards. Attention: Only suitable for external use. Please avoid eye contact.
This product is suitable for both the solarium and normal tanning. Attention: It does not contain sun protection!


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